Our Founder

Chandana Mannedi, MPT (Ortho, Manual and Sports)

Dr. Chandana holds a degree in Bachelors of Physiotherapy from Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital & Research Center, Hyderabad in 2005, then pursued her Master of Physiotherapy specialising in Orthopaedics, Manual Therapy & Sports from Australia.

Pilates was introduced to her as a part of the masters curriculum and she fell in love with the system of exercise. And from then there was no looking back, she took up more of Pilates courses and certified in DMA Clinical Pilates (Australia) and Stott Pilates Certification in Mat & Reformer (Canada).

Dr. Chandana worked for few years in orthopaedic and sports settings with manual therapy and Pilates skills before setting up Flex Pilates Studio in 2014. And since then focused exclusively on the development of Pilates based Physiotherapy treatment system.

She has a special interest in muscle function and it’s movement patterns and in how these muscle and movement pattern imbalances contribute to painful conditions.

Today, she has extensive experience in combining both Pilates & Physiotherapy to give a client the at most result in achieving their goals. She manages a large clientele from sports and chronic pain sufferers.

Apart from Pilates she is also certified in Pilates based Barre workout and TRX training. Dr. Chandana often travels around to attend workshops & upgrade on new Pilates and Physiotherapy techniques. 


Our Physiotherapists

Bhavna Iyengar, MSc. Advanced Physiotherapy (United Kingdom)


Bhavna obtained her Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from Manipal University in 2017 and went on to complete Masters with a focus in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. 

She is inclined towards manual therapy and management of chronic pain and is keen to develop her skills in this area. She endorses the holistic approach towards rehabilitation to improve the overall quality of life and promote independence.

She cultivated an interest in Pilates while attending classes at Flex Pilates in 2017. She is now learning and looks forward to incorporating the Pilates method of exercise and movement in her treatment approach.

In her own time, she enjoys cooking, sketching and singing.

Our Instructors

Umaima Vagh


Umaima and Flex founder Chandana's acquaintanceship dates back to 2010. Three years ago, Umaima joined Flex Pilates as a client where upon noticing her passion for the form and everything Pilates in general, Chandana recommended she do a STOTT Pilates MAT course. From there on there was no turning back for Umaima who went on to do a STOTT Pilates Reformer Course from Singapore. Somewhere in between, she was offered an instructor position by Chandana and that's how we have this lovely lady and excellent instructor as part of our team today.

Harshita Reddy


Harshita has a fashion degree but found her calling to teaching when she started practising pilates three years ago. She is free spirited and unleashes her creativity through designing handlooms as well as interior spaces. 

She wants to spread the principle of mindful movement through pilates, to make workouts more enjoyable and injury free not only within the studio but also in everyday life. 

She promotes eating locally and is an avid reader who believes that the key to leading a balanced life lies in holistic development.

Sheetal Thamke


Client Support